Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Photography by Peter Talyzin

I have dreamed about having a backpack for over the year. I never knew how I would style it if I had it. But I always knew I need it in my life (aka closet, ha!). When I came across the  @LAUDIVIDNI Instagram page, I could not stop myself from buying (actually designing, WOW!) one of these colorful backpacks.   

So, at the moment when I realized that there was much more than having the new amazing 'bag', but the real design project, I wounded up loving the process even more than the usual 'Paid. Shipped. Delivered.' thing. It was such a game to choose the leather or the color combination or discuss every step with the professional accessory designer  (hope I was not so annoying at this point!).  And at the end of the story to see how it was coming together was the most blessing thing I have ever experienced in my life. I have not experienced to deliver a new life to the world yet (I hope I will soon!) but it was exactly that kind of feeling that I had when the box with my really personal and exclusive backpack that came to me straight from the manufacture was opened! 

I am so excited that summer is finally approaching (80 –degree weather!) and I was able to shoot my all time favorite shorts x tee summer weekend combo and cannot wait to share with you other ideas how to style the backpack that made the huge come back a few years ago and still has the same power in fashion world! 


Backpack: Laudi Vidni, Tee and shorts: H&M Coachella collection, Slippers: Burberry

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