Thursday, November 10, 2016


Photography by Tati Poly

When it comes to perfumes, I am very picky, because nothing reveals more about a woman than her choice of scent.  I can spend months to find the right one and when I find a smell I love, I become loyal to it. But only for a short period of time.  There is no guarantee that I will use it through the whole life like all the monarchs used to do or wear it at least more than a month or two. I am a type (at least was!) who has fast and furious perfume affairs. My feelings and mood change, so does a perfume.

Earlier in October, Christian Louboutin  released  a trio of new fragrances -   Bikini Questa SeraTornade BlondeTrouble in Heaven. Since I am a biggest fan of any Christian’s work (and you know that very well!), his iconic red soles, stiletto-inspired nail polish collection or lipstick as jewelry, imagine how happy I was finally  to  have a chance to settle on a single scent or three in that case! Yes, lucky me there are three incredible floral perfumes! 

I had the opportunity to sample all before deciding which was my favorite. And I have to say, all three of these Christian Louboutin  fragrances are truly unique in their own way and I want to have them all, but out of the collection,  Bikini Questa Sera was my favorite! The top notes of jasmine and tuberose (I have a thing for it!) blend so beautifully  to create a scent that is fresh and warm at the same time that evokes an intimate, beachy feeling that keeps me warm even in cold weather!  I am so madly in love with it that I am seriously thinking of having it as  my signature scent. Finally! I don't know, but it blends with my natural body odours so incredibly perfect, that I really want if anyone smelling it again,  will immediately think of me!  Maybe it is time to become Royal, ha?! 

Oh and that bottle - it is a work of art that I would only expect from Louboutin! And it is even sexier than his heels. It comes in clear box that look no less than an Oscar award!  And I displayed it on my Vogue trophy shelf  like one as you can see!

Also took my new super cozy and  extremely elegant sock style Loubi boots out for a spin with an all black look, but already have so many outfits in mind incorporating them, like a contrast white chunky knit dress or some boyfriend jeans and botton down. Expect from me to overwear them, because I like them so much! 


Sweater: Haute Hippie (old, similar here) , Skirt: Maje, Boots: Christian Louboutin Noemi, Bag: Christian Louboutin Paloma

All three scents are available in select stores and at

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