Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hey everyone! It’s December 1 and I’m taking over for another articles that will hopefully be quite accurate judging by the holidays we’re facing. Christmas and New Year are almost here!  There are travels, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, christmas and new year cards and of course choosing the best dresses for these special events.  It's so excited but on the other hand it freaks me out… So, lets holiday-ize our routine and makes whole holiday process run a little smother! 

This month, you’ll be able to read about a few tips which hopefully can inspire you to elevate your holidays by changing your style routine and trying on new silhouettes.  Let’s get started!

Any time I wear a lace dress I feel myself so special… In this lace dress from Saks I literally feel myself as a Queen as Taylor Swift is in her new music video  «Blank Space» (she has a similar dress at the beginning video): elegant, powerful and avant-garde! I love this mix of feelings and I also love to play a new role. It just makes me so excited! However you can wear this dress in simple way with moto & combat boots (SEASONAL TREND SPOTTING!) and a leather jacket. It looks modern and chic. Doesn’t it?!

Dress: Mason by Michelle Mason,  Shoes: Aquazzura (old, also love here), Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Boots: Costume National (sold out, similar here), Jacket: Christian Dior (old, similar here)


  1. Анна, ваши образы в черном потрясающие. Зря вы так переживали! Лично мне вы уже доказали, что в черном можно быть очень яркой, Многим другим и, в первую очередь себе, думаю тоже))) Кстати, лодыжки у вас замечательные)))

    1. хахаха! За лодыжки особенное спасибо)))) С наступающими!!!! да будем все красотками, чтобы не надели!!! Ура! Чирз!