Monday, May 4, 2015


Retouching by @toamil

I’m a very low-tech person, honestly, but when I saw the Apple's newest smartwatch, I strongly decided that I need it.  Because it’s not only a flashy tech gadget, but also a must-have fashion accessory! Forget everything you know about fancy watches before. The only watch counts nowadays is Apple Watch!

Last Friday, after getting my hands on a white version of the Sport Style Apple Watch, I felt myself as the biggest Hollywood star! Everybody was looking at my wrist and bombarded me with questions about it. Even the seller in the Rolex Boutique on Fifth Ave was more interesting asking me questions about my IWatch than showing Rolex to my husband!  Even two men in the restaurant sitting behind me was looking not at my bare back and sexy evening dress that I was wearing, they stared at Apple Watch! OMG!!!

But the really cool thing is it’s truly useful!  You can do so many things without carrying your IPhone… Read messages, answer calls, keep track of your faves on facebook, instagram and so on… And it’s really comfortable, especially when you ride your car, bicycle or walking… Or when to use sell phone is prohibited!!! (ha-ha!)  Also Apple Watch can count your calories and steps, track your workouts, and even monitor your heart rate. And more and more…

I’m still learning how to use it properly and more effectively, but I already love it so much and can’t live without it!

Watch: APPLE WATCH, Dress: H&M (only in stores), Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Bag: Dolce&Gabbana

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