Sunday, March 20, 2016


Photography by Peter Talyzin

So happy to be home (even if it is cold and snowy in NYC again) and finally share all the memories I have brought with me from Las Vegas! 

As some of you know I went there to celebrate my sis's fifth wedding anniversary and attend their second wedding! (Kinda renewal ceremony!) I will tell you their happily ever after story and everything about that wonderful event a bit lately. But before that I want to share something romantic about Peter and me! Just could not resist to dressed up as a bride or whatever the dress, that long enough that you could not even walk in it, plus jeweled shoes outfit calls,  renew our promises and  take some beautiful pictures  for the best moment of 2016 photo album! (I usually make one each year!) So, we did it in Grand Canyon National Park, standing on the edge of the cliff  and holding our hands! And it was breathtaking! 

About Grand Canyon, it is  the most beautiful and powerful place I have ever seen. It takes more than 4 hours to get there from Las Vegas (yeah, it's a long way!), but it is  worth it.  And what can I say,  walking  down the edge was much more scarier than down the aisle  three years ago, but still exciting, ha! 

About that beautiful gown. I have already mentioned how much I love all the pieces from the brand NEBO before. But this dress is something special. Tons of silk that fluttered around Peter and me in a wind while we were standing on the rock got the whole attention of all Grand Canyon National Park visitors that day! 

About shoes. As since it was not an actual wedding or even wedding  anniversary, we skipped the ring exchange ceremony. But I still wanted to add a little bit of symbolic wedding shine to the look and the moment, so I wore those gorgeous Aminah Abdul Jillil jeweled shoes. They spoke louder than words though! 


Dress: Studio Nebo, ShoesAminah Abdul Jillil, Bag: Valentino, Jacket: Zara, Sunglasses: Chloe

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