Thursday, February 25, 2016


Photography by Peter Talyzin

So excited to introduce these new beige fringe Loubs and matching color Missguided coat into my wardrobe. Even though I already own the identical pair of Loubs in black (oops!), I am pretty sure these ones are completely different and much more wearable because of color! They are not so dramatic as the black ones (just take a look here) which means I will be reaching for them a lot more.  That was my kinda an excuse to get them both, ha!  

I have always been a sucker for a perfect coat (especially for the beige one!) and I always so happy when I actually find one (and it's not so easy, you know?!). This one from Missguided and I was so surprised how well made it consider the price (under 100$ with a promotional discount)! I highly recommend this!

Wish you all a good weekend! Thanks for stopping by! Xo!

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