Sunday, October 25, 2015


I fell in love with oversized ponchos and capes a few years ago and my love affair has continued into 2015. I think it both glamorous and incredibly cozy plus I can wear it several different ways. This is go-to piece layers easily over a sweater and any style denim pants or leggings for a comfortable, yet pulled together look. I am still thinking to invest in an oversized poncho I've been eyeing for months (the Burberry one!), but can not dare to spend more than 1000$ on it… Think about it. It is only a piece of fabric and that is it.  So, I took the opportunity to DIY my perfect poncho and teach you how to do it for a few hours! See all details below!

Photography by @toamil

To DIY your own poncho will need:

2 yards of wool or cashmere fabric at least 50 inches wide. I used Carolina Herrera wool. 
Chalk for marking
Matching color treads 

Cut fabric into a rectangle 2 yards x 50-60 inches and put it on a floor. Create the neckline by folding the fabric in half, as shown on picture 2, so that it forms a 2 yards x 30-inch rectangle. Place the fold at the top of your work surface, and mark the midpoint of the folded edge and draw the midline as shown on picture 2. Then measure and mark 4 inches to the left and 4 inches down of that midline (midpoint on the fold line). Draw the line till the edge. Make it as half of oval and cut it as shown on picture 3.

At this point, your poncho is essentially DONE - it can be worn and will work as intended. However, if you have the time (and care to do so), you may want to spend a little extra effort making your poncho cleaner and luxury looking. So, sew both side hems using sewing - machine or do it by hands. Then add a pattern to the edges. I suggest create a fringe by cutting thin strips into the edges or by removing treads from the outermost edge of the designated fringe area!

If you have any question fell free to ask! Muah!

Poncho: Hand Made (also love here), Jeans: Zara, Sweater: H&M, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Versace

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