Wednesday, March 18, 2015


While searching for cool jeans for NYFW, I came across these BCBGMAXARIA  art boyfriend denim pants. Everyone was asking me about them and I've decided to do this DIY! You will be shocked how simple it is. And I have a big regret about my purchase which was actually out of my range… So you can learn from my mistake and refresh your old jeans instead of buying ones! Good Luck! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Jeans, denim skirt or jacket of your choice

2. Textile or acrylic paint in colors of your choice (the white one you definitely need!!! It's the base color of any art denim work)

3. Two brushes: a medium flat brush and a medium thick fun one

4. Paint plate or the paper one 

5. Water for cleaning brushes

1. To start, take the white paint and shake it well. Then apply directly to jeans using a clean DRY (it’s important!) thick fun brush. After that draw thick streaks. Add a few thin ones using the flat brush. 

2. You know that I'm really into the pink color for this Spring, so I chose it as next main color. You can take any color of your choice. Clean the flat brush and dry it. Now draw more streaks all over, but not too much!

3. You will continue drawing with another colors. I chose yellow and brown. Clean the flat brush and dry it again. Then apply new layer of streaks first using the bright color. At the end of you work you can add dark streaks all over side seams. It gives a little texture to your design!

4. You are nearly done, all you have to do is  allow colors to dry on fabric, then heatset by ironing on reverse side for  30 seconds at tempreture setting  best suited to the denim and VOILA!

Making this «artwork» is not a hard process at all!!! It takes just 10 minutes! But in the end it looks great likewise a work of a professional designer or artist! The denim-chic style is style is defined by ease and simplicity. However, you can add the small details that bring more uniqueness to your outfit!

This might be my new favorite DIY!!! Just because I'm all about details!!! 

Jeans: BCBGMAXAZRIA, Jeans DIY: Zara (old, similar here), Coat: Kenzo (sold out, similar here), Sweater: Theory (last seen here), Shoes: Dior (last seen here), Bag & Silk scarf: Hermes 

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